Rezone sought for hotel, shops – Business – News & Observer

A group called Glenwood South Hospitality is asking for special zoning permission that, if granted, would help it build a 157-room Hampton Inn above street-level shops at the northwest corner of Glenwood Avenue and Johnson Street.

via Rezone sought for hotel, shops – Business – News & Observer.

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  1. Not bad. Not bad at all. Midrise developments make a lot of sense on the central and Western side of Glenwood South. More important, it will add pedestrian activity throughout the week and bring much needed hotel space to downtown.

  2. Above bogarts and Hi5? I am confused as to the location this proposal is referring to.

    Or are they talking about demolishing the retirement center?

  3. There is a sign about this case on the Northeast corner of Glenwood and Johnson. I’m guessing this will take out the building that Abbey carpet is in.

  4. Just confused me that it said it would build above street level shops. Those buildings don’t seem like they could support anything above them. I am guessing they are proposing a hotel, with new street level commercial space below. Which makes more sense. Add this to the powerhouse plaza project, as well as the project Ernest thinks has a shot at the Hillsborough street end of glenwood, and this area has the potential to grow/change a great deal in the next few years.

  5. The article says NW corner, which would be where those old houses are. I dunno about that….they are nice and well-maintained and many still have business in them (Tasca Brava).

    If Leo is correct, and it’s the building that Abbey Carpet is in (NE corner), that’s better. (I think I heard they’re moving to another location anyways.) Some of those hotel rooms will need good sound-proofing if it’s going to be next to a train rail.

    Personally, I think that might be a tight squeeze for a hotel though. I was more excited about the proposed ones at Powerhouse Square and on Hillsborough Streets. They seem to be sites better-suited, IMO.

  6. The NE corner is the site where this project will go. They will use parking spaces at the 510 Glenwood parking deck, which makes it easier to build without parking-related headaches. It also sounds like the developers are going to use more than the carpet store’s footprint. My guess is they will extend to the East.

    I looked at the architect’s website for samples of his work and he seems to be experienced in both low-end and high-end designs (considering this is a Hampton Inn). Let’s hope this hotel will look inspiring and attractive.

  7. Another group that needs to think bigger. Have retail on the street level and a second floor restaurant/bar/nightclub with a balcony overlooking Glenwood
    Come on, get creative! Your right Ernest, this is a Hampton Inn (which are not attractive facilities), this better be a facility with vision and a creative look to it (not just a plain Hampton or another 222 Glenwood)

  8. Amen to that, Thomas. I would love to see the second floor utilized as a nightclub, bar, etc. Why not putting a bar on the top of the building, overlooking the CBD. Sure, not much to see right now, but who cares? In the future it would prove VERY wise.

    As for the quality, earlier today I drove by the Hampton Inn at the NE part of the intersection between Capital Blvd and Spring Forest Rd. While it is a low-rise, I would say that its mostly brick exterior makes it look really good. This makes me hope for something even more decent at Glenwood South.

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