Turning Up The RalCon

It has been a couple weeks but now is finally the time to get this blog thing rolling again. I’m back from my China adventure and finally feel caught up with the latest Raleigh news. This time of year usually is pretty busy in downtown Raleigh as a lot of events are going on and the weather starts to warm up, bringing lots of people out. I just wanted to update to show people that I am still alive and have some ideas that I may or may not write about. Development is real slow these days but that does not mean there is anything to talk about. Here are a couple ideas for future posts.

  • Beer drinking in Raleigh, the success of The World Beerfest, and places that support the scene.
  • Wayfinding signs review.
  • Redesigning Moore Square; are people asking for green space upgrades in downtown or is the city hoping it will encourage more usage? Do we need this at all right now?
  • Transit. There’s always something to talk about here.
  • Maybe a rant about how many people want by-the-slice pizza but no one will open a place.

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  1. ^Exactly what I was thinking.

    Wayfinding signs review: Basically awesome, though some of the “routes” are a bit odd. For a few locales, it’s like going around your elbow to get to your toe. I guess they want folks to use scenic routes! ;-) But nonetheless it’s great to have!

    Moore Squre– my biggest want there is better landscaping and lighting. And benches with armrests in the middle of them to discourage being used as beds.

    Transit- god, we could go on and on. The R line is an excellent start.

    Glad to see you’re back! :-)

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