Video – Shimmer Wall

Kickin Shimmer Wall from Leo Suarez on Vimeo.

Nothing new here. This is a recent video I took of the convention center shimmer wall on a very windy Sunday. I thought I would share this.

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  1. Nice video, Leo!!! Better than I thought it would be, coming from a dSLR :) The shimmer wall is a nice addition, but too bad the surroundings don’t help. Can’t wait until the area gets some urban developments, and PLEASE, no more parking decks in that section, unless they are not visible.

  2. Ernest…another question for you. What are you hearing about the potential concert venue in that vacant lot across from the shimmer wall? Seems like that was on track and the city had purchased the covering from boston/denver…did this project get waitlisted as well?

  3. great vid bru. bravo, once again, for the creators and designers of the shimmer wall – turned a problem into a piece of art. respek.

  4. hackles10, you are talking about the amphitheater… Yes, it is still a go and it should be done some time in 2010, if I am not mistaken. Of course, this will be somewhat temporary, until the need to redevelop that parcel exists.

  5. Yeah, understandable…I just think thats a great use of the land for the next 5-6 years (or until they can develop it properly. I would love to see them put a similar ampitheater on the Dix land once the land adjacent to the shimmer wall is put to better use.

  6. Don’t forget the possibility for expanding the convention center, more specifically, the below ground exhibition hall. You could expand the hall under McDowell St. and into this new block, more then doubling the space.

  7. Good suggestion, Anonymous… An amphitheater on Dorothea Dix Hill would be a nice addition and if done right it can respect its surroundings and cause no objections among the NIMBYs ;)

    Leo, I would love to see another convention hotel being part of the convention center extension. This time, they should make sure they bring 1-2 developers who can actually build something decent – and inspiring, too – and hopefully add some street-level destinations, at least in two of the four sides. While the new convention center is not bad, it is surrounded and overwhelmed by parking decks and an eyesore (Marriott Hotel – the Salisbury Str side).

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