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The underground parking deck is still under construction and Charter Square is planned to be built above.

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  1. YEA!!!! Small progress is better than none…Great to see another tower on it’s way up, even if it is below 40 floors.

  2. I am glad to see things moving along, although I have learned to control my enthusiasm until I see something done. These days, it is hard to get excited over parking decks, unless they are overwhelmed by buildings. I know that the North Tower will not be under way immediately after the parking deck is done, but I remain optimistic that they will begin construction shortly afterwards. I wish we could see a couple of towers between 500ft and 600ft in that location, but I guess that is too much to ask :(

  3. I was afraid that this project is on hold. I may be mistaken, but the taller of the two cranes is now gone. Any news?

  4. Agree, this project from the start was too small for that prime piece of property. This project should be no less than 35 stories, another local developer with their head behind them. (do not want to hear about the economy, this project has been talked about for years)

  5. I am not sure it is really on hold, as the developers are actually the ones building the parking deck. I think that they are finalizing the financing and pre-leasing/pre-selling prior to actually breaking ground. They are tied up with a contract, so the North Tower will be under way soon, just not immediately after the parking deck is done. Of course, in this economy, nobody can say with 100% certainty what could happen, but as is we do not have any bad news on this project.

    When I saw the initial proposal I was most definitely disappointed, but to the developers’ credit they scaled up to almost twice the height, from 12/8 to 20/14. Still, I think that a MUCH taller project should have gone there, but if developers so not bring forth great visions we don’t have anything stellar to deal with :( Hopefully, our city leaders will make up for the loss with Sites 2 and 3.

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