Uncovering History

Quick update; the metal sheets that covered the upstairs windows above Brass Grill are coming down. This is on the 200 block of Wilmington St. and you can now see the original windows that were hidden for so long. Looks like Empire Properties is going to work on the space and put it to use after so many years of abandonment.

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  1. The 200 block of Wilmington St. is ripe for redevelopment. The older buildings that are in disrepair across from The Brass Rail would be great for more restaurants and retail. Hope it’s just a matter of time.

  2. I’m extremely glad to see this space activated once again. Does the side of the building say Cyclone? I never noticed that before. Does anyone have any history about this building to share?

  3. Ideal location (remove this building and that ugly green hole-in-the-wall) for a 50 story building (on that corner).
    Too many low rise buildings on Wilmington.

  4. Jake, the title is “Uncovering History”. Would you rather it said, “Destroying History”?.

    This space would be perfect for my shop (if RESTORED and NOT torn down!). Perhaps I will consider moving back to Raleigh.

  5. scoop: I think it says “Cycling”…perhaps there was a bicycle shop there once upon a time.

  6. I think that block of buildings dates from the late 1880s. The facade being exposed now was probably put on around 1912 or so when the three storefronts were consolidated into the Kline & Lazaruus department store. (I’ll have to get a closer look to be sure.) By the mid 1920s it was the G&S department store. When they closed in the 1950s is probably when the metal front went up. Glad to see it go! Looking forward to whatever it is Empire Properties has in store for us!

  7. Ben– unfortunately I don’t. That ugly metal facade had been in place for as long as I can remember, so I probably didn’t think the building photo-worthy. But I will be taking some now!

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