1. I would love to see a couple of high-rises on this lot. Something along the same lines with The Edison, but with two towers instead of four and a few transitional buildings to the West, in case some NIMBYs who live a few miles away get bothered by the height :LOL:

  2. Ernest: I agree with your vision (included: alot of retail and entertainment – multi-level design – 2-3 floors of retail) – something very different to hide the convention center and the Marriott (both are ugly)

  3. Now is the time for Quality: Hire a developer and architect with VISION (NOT FROM THIS AREA – especially, not an Empire). This is PRIME real estate and highly visible. Enough of downtown fooling around with these small time local developers. This needs to be dense, multiple high rises (40 stories or greater), office space to bring more companies downtown and retail (agree with Terry, multiple levels with outdoor balcony seating). The property slops, thus, make sure there are level seating areas on balconies or patios), start thinking Raleigh, the sidewalk can slope, but the entertainment areas need to be level you idiots! slopping sidewalks with steps leading up to the retail (put water fountains and green on the steps leading up to the retail)

    Again, enough of the tan and brick (like that ugly Marriottt and Convention Center).

  4. I think we could very easily add convention space here, along with a couple of mixed-use towers – especially with hotel space. It is feasible and quite frankly it is mandatory. I don’t know if y’all recall this, but the owners of The Warehouse site (visible in the photo, at the top right quadrant) mentioned that they were thinking about putting a club/restaurant there, and if things didn’t work out, they would consider a high-rise. We do know that the city will relocate some of its police operations there, but I wonder if we may see something when RPD moves to the new HQ. It’s probably another 5-6 years away from that day, but we can still hope for something.

  5. So is City of Raleigh just leasing the Warehouse or did they buy it?

    Another question, is the ampitheater still going on in lot pictured above?

  6. Ernest, I think the taxpayers will have something to say about the City of Raleigh demolishing this building after purchasing it with $4.6 million in tax payer money. It was absurd that this was approved for purchase from the graverobber who bought it a year or so ago. $4.6 is a lot to pay for a little bit of dirt, no matter how prime it is.

  7. I agree, anon, except they will pay $6.23 million, not $4.6 million for the 46000sf building on Six Forks. It beats me why the city officials made that move, but given how people do not question the city’s moves as much as they should, I will not be surprised if this gets buried. Unless some NIMBYs bitch about how an 8-story building, half a mile away from them, will cover the sun, residents in Raleigh don’t quite react. Since I live less than 10 minutes from the 6716 Six Forks Rd location (by foot), I cannot see how the city can justify the price. Even if they were to subdivide that parcel and sell it, NOTHING major will go there to justify the price. What were the city officials thinking when they approved this deal?

    TJ, don’t quote me on this, but I believe that only the 6716 Six Forks Rd property will be purchased by the city. Many of the operations will move to The Warehouse in leased space though. I could understand why the city would pay big bucks for The Warehouse, but I am still puzzled with the amount of money they will spend on the 6716 Six Forks Rd building. The latter will house the police chief’s office, detective division, field operations and administrative services until 2012.

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