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These are not exactly downtown Raleigh related but since I’ve got nothing new and need a few days to get back into the swing of things, I thought I would share this from my weekend. Both of the main stages had a large LCD screen above them that scrolled text messages that you could send in. While trying to shamelessly plug DTRaleigh.com (yes, I know, unsubscribe now) and grab a picture of it above the stage I actually ended up catching other Raleigh related shout outs.

Which actually leads to an interesting question; do you tell people you are from Raleigh or Raleigh NC?

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  1. Raleigh only.

    I hope none of you ever, ever say Raleigh-Durham. Huge pet peeve here, I hate hearing Raleigh-Durham in any use other than the Airport.

  2. I was visiting southern Illinois a few weeks ago and I went to church with my brother and his wife. While there, one of the patrons asked me where I live and I said Raleigh and all I got was a blank stare. Then I added “in North Carolina” and his face lit up with recognition. I usually say “Raleigh, NC” if I’m talking to someone outside the Triangle (though I didn’t in this particular circumstance).

  3. I use Raleigh, NC outside of the Carolinas. And yeah, I hate the use of Raleigh-Durham except with the airport. Raleigh-Durham was created when RDU and RTP were built. We only used that because there was a time when Durham was about the same size as Raleigh. But seriously, ditch Durham, go RALEIGH! WOOO! We can become Raleigh-Durham or the “Twin Cities” or something when Durham catches back up with Raleigh. Seriously Durham, fix your crime issues and get your population up before we talk about Raleigh/Durham again. ‘Till then, see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya! Also, Thomas, we aren’t quite to the “no need for the N.C. anymore” point – yet. Let’s get to 500,000 pop. before we start doing that.

  4. Actually if you drop Durham then what would Raleigh be known for outside eastern NC? The better university is Durham. RTP is in Durham county. The airport is shared. Healthcare better in Raleigh? No way! Raleigh offers nothing other than some kids bragging about reaching 300,000 people first

  5. Goodness, I don’t know how the Durham-bashing started…but let’s not start a war of neighboring cities. Anyone with a lick of sense (or history) knows none of the cities here would be where they are today without the regional strength that the Triangle has.

    I say I’m from Raleigh….but then I follow it up with something like “The Triangle is a great place to live” or “I enjoy living in the Raleigh-Durham metro area.” Etc etc.

    And it’s true…I consider the Triangle home, not just Raleigh. Cuz goodness knows, without the whole, the three individual cities would not be what they are.

  6. Durham has the better University?! Who dropped you on your head when you were young? Sure… if you like lawyers and stuff, but who likes lawyers?!

    NCState is a leader in Design, Engineering, Agriculture, Textiles, Recreation and Tourism, Veterinary Science, and many more fields that important to the cohesiveness of a city such as Raleigh. Without NCState what would happen to all the buildings, roads, food, firemens uniforms, parks, and animals of Raleigh?! Sure if you like lawyers, politicians and journalists(they are almost as bad as lawyers these days!!!) then I guess UNC and Duke are the better schools. I’ll stick with NCSU.

  7. Woodrow, chill! Durham in general is a crime infested hole (if not for Duke, NOONE would talk about Dur-HAM). I travel the nation, noone talks about Dur-HAM.

    P.S. I worked in RTP for years, why do you think they have their own zip code, NOT to be affiliated with Dur-HAM.

    Go check out Maggianno’s business card, it reads RTP, not Dur-HAM

  8. ^Statistically, on a per-capita basis, Durham has a lower crime rate than Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville or Wilmington. Even the pious Salt Lake City has a higher crime rate, per capita. I suppose they are all “crime-infested holes” too?

    Seriously dude, as a proud Raleighite who’s actually taken the time to explore and visit our neighboring cities, I can say for certain that you do not know what you’re talking about. Even without Duke, Durham is a fine city…and I dare say their downtown has done a few things better than ours (such as preserving & rehabilitating old warehouses into loft condos, for one).

    This is a great website for touting Raleigh’s achievements (particularly downtown) and discussing other related issues. But bashing neighboring cities that contribute to the region in their own rite is just plain immature, and I’m fairly certain was never the intent of this site.

  9. Thomas I travel the nation as well and no one knows anything about Raleigh. It is the region that gets any attention and the factors that make the region great is not concentrated in Raleigh. So lets get off this high and mightly crap and appreciate what the area is not make one city something it is not. Also I could care less about a zip code because if you work in RTP you work in Durham county just outside the Durham city limit. To NC state person if you get an engineering degree from NCSU chances are you will be looking for a job in Durham county.

  10. Or Germany… or basically anywhere else in the world.

    Basically what your saying is that NCSU is better for Durham then UNC and Duke are? I can agree with that.

  11. I think Woodrow lives in Durham. Anyway, Woodrow, what I mean is that the Metro areas are separating and Durham and Raleigh have their own groups now. Have you heard of Raleigh/Cary? Or Durham/Chapel Hill? EVER?? Although, I do have to admit, the strength of every city in this region, from towns as small as Four Oaks and Erwin, to as large as Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, and Cary, comes from the fact that we are ONE region. And by strength I mean population and economy. And size. By the way is anyone worried that Fayetteville will break off from The Triangle and do something with Florence, Lumberton, and Laurinburg? Ok i’m done back to TS Fay now.

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