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On the 200 block of Fayetteville St. are some stairs leading below ground. If you went to see the art on display this past weekend during sparkCon, or you’ve got sweet, homeboy connections, you were able to see the great space deep in downtown Raleigh’s “foundation”. It doesn’t take a genius to see the framework of a bar being built down there; at least that’s what I’m putting my money on.

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  1. Anyone with sweet, homeboy connections please answer the following:

    Is Jean going to be the operator or does he have a tenant in place for the bar?

    What is the name of the bar? Dana had reported ‘The Cellar’ to be the name (Jedidiah refuted this but failed to provide any other information).

    Delivery date?

  2. We need more people like these owners (not the Empires, who just clean up a space and lack vision).

    Great name and great concept! I applaud this group for creativity. Maybe they will build a 50-60 story signature building in downtown Raleigh someday soon (make that 70, needs to be the tallest building in the Carolina’s and Virgina)

  3. Tony,

    How you can possibly propose that Empire has no vision is utterly incomprehensible to me.

    Do you ever propose anything other than bulldozing existing property and building a 40-50 story tower on every single land parcel you read about?

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