Shifting Houses To Blount Street

There is some activity on the Blount Street Commons Project at the block across the street from Peace College. The Jordan, Watson, and Merrimon Wynn houses are being prepped to move to Blount St. The Jordan House is planned to be placed at the southwest corner of Peace and Blount St. The small building there is currently being demolished. The Merrimon Wynn house will move down Blount St. and will be on the northeast corner of Polk and Blount St. This is all shown on the site plan which interestingly enough shows a splitting Wilmington St. continuing straight right at Peace. I’m curious if that is the plan and maybe the curve will be rid of?

Building demolition

The Merrimon Wynn house waits to be jacked up

Blount Street Commons

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  1. Great shot of the Merrimon-Wynn house, Leo. As far as “straightening” Wilmington St, it looks like from the site plan they are actually going to realign it to its original configuration. (It will be great to have the vista down Wilmington St to Peace College back.) When the Wilmington/Salisbury connector was put in 30 years ago the northen stump of Wilmington St was turned into the parking lot there now, and the northern stump of Salisbury was renamed and converted into an entrance to the state gov’t parking deck. Halifax St, which ran between Wilmingto/Salisbury was completely obliterated by the state gov’t mall. I’m afraid we’re stuck with the curve. BTW, the NC AIA plans to build its headquartes on that triangle of land formed by the connector, Peace and Wilmington.

  2. Thanks, Tony. I appreciate that. I’m slowly getting better. The best thing to do is to continue taking pictures and never stop.

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