BeerCon: Landmark Tavern

Riding the wave of new restaurants and bars to open in Downtown Raleigh, Landmark Tavern serves a solid selection of beer, wine, and spirits. When it opened in January of 2008, Landmark instantly became a popular spot. The weekend nightlife has accepted it and during the week, there is always some bar space for you to drown your after work sorrows. Even without the food element, Landmark holds up strong with a great bar and a newly upgraded outdoor patio. They also play some of the better music for a bar in downtown Raleigh that I have been to.

No food
No cover
Membership needed for the weekends (easy to get)
Outdoor seating
Board games
One TV


Monday – Sunday 4pm – 2am

117 E. Hargett Street
Raleigh, NC
(go to map)
(919) 821-9865

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  1. Easily my most visited downtown establishment now. It’s on even par with Times for time\money spent. I’m at the point where I think the only reason I would choose Times over Landmark is the outdoor sidewalk seating (daytime people watching) or if I’m hungry.

  2. I haven’t been yet. I was told by someone else that they do not have a nonsmoking section…is this true? If so, then I don’t see myself visiting any time soon I guess.

  3. Great little bar, feels like something in NY or Chicago (towny bar – just drink, no food, nice for a change).

    I agree, the smoking is a problem.

    Need a bar like this downtown(with pool tables)

  4. They do not have a nonsmoking section but they do have more of those fans that pull the smoke out of the room than any other bar I’ve seen in Raleigh

  5. Good point, I forgot about those fans. They really do make a difference and you cannot notice them. Even though smoking is allowed, I’ve never had an issue with it here.

  6. We went when it first opened and even though they allow smoking, the air handling system is quite good so you don’t really pick up the odor.

  7. Also, the back patio is pretty nice. There’s something urban and cool about hanging out next to that parking garage with the yellow lighting and red railings. Did you mention that you must be a member since they don’t serve food? It’s only a one-time $5 fee to get one of the little membership cards that you keep on your key chain. They’ll usually let you bring in a handful of guests under one membership. Also, they have a variety of board games including Yahtzee, Scrabble and the like.

  8. We visited Landmark after the St. Patrick’s Day parade and really liked it. The crowd was very light, and no one there was smoking at the time. That said, we haven’t been back because of the smoking issue. When we do go back, it would probably be on a weekend afternoon rather than a weekend evening/night when the crowd gets bigger. I know some have said that the fans do a good job, but for us that can’t compete with Times having a completely smoke-free bar during the busiest times of the day. My boyfriend has major allergies and even the slightest bit of smoke interferes with his ability to breathe. Sadly, this keeps us from spending as much of our time (and money) as we would otherwise at many of our favorite watering holes. I’m sure we are not the only ones.

    Times is a perfect example that a local drinking establishment can go non-smoking without suffering business (yes, I know they have food, but I think that a lot of people go just to knock a few back). The non-smoking side is always packed, and often the smoking side seems to have very few smokers.

  9. Glad to hear Landmark is cool and doing well! We walked by there during the Downtown Raleigh Home Tour and looked like good spot hit up!

    I’m definitely adding it to the list of new places to try!

    Thanks for the heads up!

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