Rows of Shops Might Be Destroyed, Do You Care?

The shops shown in the picture above may be lost to a tower being built on this block. Nothing new to report here but for some background information on this topic, go back to this post. The shops look like they have been around for awhile. The Hillsborough St. bridge construction a couple years ago really hurt the businesses here and I do not think they have recovered. They have either moved or closed shop. There is little activity here and pedestrian traffic is almost dead.

I’d like to get some opinions from the readers. Are these shops worth saving/revitalizing or would you like to see something tall with ground floor retail?

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    None right now. Must be a new project.


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  1. As much as I am for preserving history, I think this space could be put to better use. I am ok with a mixed use project here..

  2. Agree, remove them. This is a great corridor for 24/7 life (tall buildings with retail at street level) leading to the capital building (and I laugh when I say capital building). Turn the Capital Building into a library and build a signature capital building (one that can be seen in the skyline and is iconic).

  3. I guess in an ideal world, traditional store-front retail would have survived there in the original, nostalgic way. But I’m guessing that’s just not going to happen.

    So for now, my main concern will be that the 2-3 businesses that are still there (Violin Maker, Flex) are able to find suitable space as nearby as possible and stay in business.

  4. I’ll be sad to see them go. These storefronts are a beautiful (if badly-neglected) bit of history.

    However, I have to agree with the other comments. If someone can make better use of this space, then they should. It would be wonderful if this block weren’t a no-man’s-land at night.

  5. I love these buildings, walk by them daily and am sad that there is no retail in them currently. There is NO reason to tear them down at all. They function well and can be upfit easily. What’s the deal with people wanting to tear these down to make mixed use? Build around them and you’ll have mixed use silly. Raleigh needs to get out of the habit of tear downs, from house to cool old storefronts, things can be done to save these and build around them.

  6. I’m sure the architects that occupy this space would have a lot to say about this issue.

  7. This area has been a pedestrian dead zone ever since the Hillsborough railroad bridge project started. I had a friend who ran a very lively leather/rubber fetish shop which was the first to go. Then, Marsh Woodwinds moved to Mordecai. Rainbow Fabrics decamped as well as the businesses across the street.

    So, yes things have withered despite being sandwiched between the Warehouse District and Glenwood South. I suspect that with this block mid-rise and the opposite corner/Cameron-Barkley site becoming a hotel/condo project things could look up. I suspect that FLEX nightclub will get taken out with the demolition as well as the outdoor products business on the back of the block facing Morgan Street. My only hope is the Roast Grill will be able to survive.

    And, now you say that National Art Interiors is moving. That is either good or bad. Because the opportunity is growing for that area to become a transit-oriented hub if the Multi-Modal Station goes in as planned. Then, you’re talking about a serious renaissance of a lackluster sector and Hillsborough becoming a new major downtown development corridor.

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