RBC Plaza Update

There has not been much talk over the construction progress of RBC Plaza so I’d like to update everyone on this. I believe the tower has finished the first phase of construction. The four phases of the tower are a RalCon exclusive so here is how I’m breaking up the construction progress:

Phase I: Floor 1-9, ground floor retail + 8 floors of parking deck
Phase II: Floor 10-21, office component
Phase III: Floor 22-33, residential component
Phase IV: Tower crown and final touches

Phase I is almost done. Currently the ground for the first office floor (floor 10) is being built. Once this has been finished we should really see the building take off as the need for concrete lessens and the tower slims down. As it grows, we will also see the tower crane grow alongside it. Temporarily, the crane will be the tallest structure ever to be in downtown Raleigh. Updated pics below.

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  1. raleigh, most underrated city in america??? i think so.
    solid blogs. i finally had a chance to go through all of them.
    you deserve a statue on fayetville st one day.

    – mig

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