RBC’s Crown [UPDATE: 5:00 PM]

Here are some pictures from yesterday’s raising of RBC Plaza’s top hat. Raleigh Skyline also has some great pictures of the top hat being raised into the air.

The rest of the crown is currently going up so expect an update soon.

[UPDATE: 9:20 AM]
Piece number 2 is currently being placed. Let’s hope the weather does not interfere.

Piece #3 awaits lift off.

[UPDATE: 11:15 AM]
Piece number 3 is hanging up high.

[UPDATE: 3:30 PM]
The last piece sits at the bottom.

[UPDATE: 5:00 PM]
There you have it, all four pieces are now 500 feet in the air. Now, we wait for the final touch to RBC Plaza, the spire.

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  1. A milestone for our skyline, without a doubt. Sure, it is not a 60-story tower, but nevertheless a good addition. Thanks for the great photos.

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