Mystery Construction

We’ve discussed some plans recently for a complete development of the block mostly owned by Progress Energy. This is the block bounded by Blount, Martin, Davie, and Wilmington st, shown here. They are planning to possibly do some big things to this block but no plans have been released.

It is odd however that fencing on this block has been put up and lots of the surface parking has been destroyed. Refer to my little sketch up of the block below to get an idea of what is going on at the moment.

Yellow – Fences, Red – Demolished lots

The fencing encompasses most of the block and even some of the store fronts, which are currently empty. It is interesting to see some kind of activity on this block, especially to this extent, without anyone knowing about what is going on; there is no news or media information about it.

The area is used for the RBC Plaza construction staging area, which is being built across Wilmington St. There is also a parking deck that will be constructed on the northern portion of the block, shown in this map. It may be reasonable to assume all this activity is for this deck and that the mid block structures are going to be demolished in the coming weeks. No concrete information can be found on what is going on exactly. As usual, I will post when more information comes about.

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