In 2007, we get a facelift

Things have felt a little slow recently as no major announcements have occurred. It seems that the initial wave of projects of the last few years have gone through all the paperwork and are off the drawing board, becoming a reality. Initial projects that are up and running include The Paramount, The Quorum Center, and Fayetteville Street Phase I. This is just the beginning of a list of new buildings and projects coming to the downtown area.

This year, 2007, will be a year for all the planned projects to grow. We will all see towers and buildings sprout out of the ground and reshape the skyline. Currently, Raleigh is overrun with tower cranes. Construction is everywhere and here is a list I compiled to give you an idea of what to expect throughout the year. These are all estimates but I’m confident they are somewhat correct based on all the activity I have noticed.

· RBC Plaza – 32 story tower will be at its full height before 2008

· Convention Center – Outer shell will be complete

· Mariott Hotel – 16 story hotel will be at full height with outer shell complete.

· City Plaza will be well under construction

· The Lafayette Hotel will finally break ground

· Reynolds Tower – Groundbreaking and less then 10 stories built

· Bloomsbury Estates – Construction of the first building nearly complete

· 222 Glenwood – All 7 floors built with an out shell

· West at North – 15 story condo tower will be at full height

The Fayetteville St. and Glenwood South districts are seeing significant growth. I mentioned the major projects here in this list. There are of course, lots of renovation projects going on along the two districts. We’ll save that list of minor projects for a later post.

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