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Muffled Liberty? [UPDATE: 11-10 All good]

Just a quick one today. On a recent walk around downtown Raleigh, I saw that our Liberty Bell replica, located on the bicentennial mall, has been muffled. Hopefully this isn’t a permanent thing. There’s a bad joke out there, for some anyway, because the liberty bell is located across the street from the state legislature […]

Downtown Raleigh is Just Like a Jukebox

I know I posted about taking some time away from the blog but I haven’t left Raleigh just yet and I had some time to put some thoughts together on something that I’ve been thinking about. I went to lunch with a friend this week and we got to talking about the many events that […]

My Downtown Living Article in the Triangle Downtowner

Last week, the latest edition of the Triangle Downtowner came out and my article about downtown living is there for your reading pleasure. In it, I talk about how residential living is really in its infancy in downtown Raleigh and how what we have today came from almost nothing. In its entire history, downtown Raleigh […]

A Human Definition of Downtown Raleigh

I had a few exchanges on Twitter recently and the question being discussed was simple. Do you consider Glenwood South to be a part of Downtown Raleigh? This followed with more conversation of what is and isn’t consider to be in downtown. In cases of real estate or jurisdiction, hard lines specifying what’s in or […]

Musing About Downtown and Our State Capitol Building

My wife and I were recently traveling around New England and during one of the stops, I had a thought that I wanted to share. One of the things her and I do when traveling into new states in this country is to make a point to visit the capital city and see the capitol. […]

Oak City Cycling

Oak City Cycling is promoting cycling as a viable commuting alternative. Here’s a great video of what these guys are up to in and around downtown Raleigh.

Bad Outdoor Seating or Bad Location?

Now that we’re into the spring season, outdoor seating during the warmer hours is in high demand. Downtown Raleigh actually has a plentiful amount of outdoor seating options with some doing it better than others. That’s for another post but here I wanted to highlight an interesting seating situation. Take a look at the photo […]

Before and After, Alfred Williams and Company Building Makeover

One of the things that get me excited just as much as new shiny towers is when downtown spaces are reused in a creative way, especially the smaller buildings. Reusing a building before demolishing and building new, especially with so many lots available, will not grow our downtown at all. The Alfred Williams Company gets […]

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