Downtown Raleigh Office Space Statistic

Here’s something that I just had to share. I found this graph very interesting. If you can’t see the embedded tweet click here.

It shows that 8.6% of office space in Raleigh is located downtown compared to other cities that we generally compete with. Raleigh’s downtown really is small for the city of our size and the reverse rush hour traffic pattern that we have is very unique.

On the flip-side, perhaps this lack of office space has allowed the residential and arts communities to grow in downtown. Something to think about.

Site One Is Now Charter Square

I want to link you over to Gogoraleigh’s post about Site One, now called Charter Square. There, you will find a great write up on what is to come on the south end of Fayetteville St.

Please note the label change from Site One to Charter Square.

Along with Gogoraleigh, I want to encourage everyone to check out the other local blogs and websites highlighted in the links section in the right sidebar. Ever since I have started following the Raleigh online scene about three years ago, a lot of good content has come out since then so make sure and support your “other” local media!