Raleigh Industrial Bank Renovation On Salisbury Street

If you haven’t been following along in the news and other blogs, there’s a fantastic building renovation, more like restoration, going on at the intersection of Salisbury and Hargett Streets. The modern facade that glossed over 200 South Salisbury Street is coming down and look what was underneath all this time.

I didn’t have a photo of my own but here’s the Google Streetview image dated April 2012 followed by my own similar view taken in May 2013.

Google Maps

200 South Salisbury Street, May 2013

In addition to the corner building there is another smaller one on West Hargett that has been restored, shown in this photo.

Building on West Hargett Street, May 2013

What once was a small office building will now have ground floor restaurant space with renovated office space above. Cheers to developer James Goodnight and his team for making this happen in downtown Raleigh.

Renovation on Salisbury Uncovering History

200 Salisbury Street in October 2012

I wanted to highlight this article about the renovation work going on at 200 South Salisbury Street. The News & Observer writes about some great work going on at the corner of Salisbury and Hargett:

Now, workers are pulling down that skin, revealing what developer James A. Goodnight hopes will become a striking historic piece of Raleigh’s revitalizing downtown.

“I don’t know why they did this to this building,” says project coordinator Chris Surrett, as workers cut pieces of the steel frame that was bolted to the building to hold up the stucco. “We’re going to take it back to where it’s pretty again.”


He bought the two adjoining buildings through Paper Clip Properties LLC in July for $700,000 and hopes to turn the ground floor into a restaurant and lease the upper floors for offices.

*Classic downtown Raleigh building emerging from behind modern, stucco shell

Here’s an older photo of the building and while Goodnight’s work won’t bring it back exactly the same, it gives us an idea of what the team there is uncovering.

200 Salisbury Street in the early 1900's.
From the State Archives of North Carolina