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10 Arros Townhomes, October 2017

10 Arros Townhomes, October 2017

Here are the 10 Arros townhomes being built along New Bern Avenue. With all 10 “arros” basically built up, you can get a sense of their presence onto the street. It’s a nice change from the empty parking lot, wide openness to a more comfortable, urban-fringe kind of presence.

I am also loving this section of New Bern more with the townhomes across the street from Raleigh City Cemetery. Below is a wide shot of the townhomes with the cemetery across the street to try and show it off a little.

If the city can get a handle on the nighttime illegal activity that takes place in the cemetery and can have all three entrances open to the public every day, strolls through the cemetery would actually be quite pleasant. At this time, the city’s approach is to close two of the three entrances to prevent pedestrian through traffic, a more blunt approach to the problem in my opinion.

10 Arros Townhomes, October 2017

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  1. Open, modern, and if priced correctly should have no problem selling. They kind of remind me of the top floors of an underground building (or buried space ship) but then again that’s modernism for you…Lol

  2. As mentioned in a previous post the lot just to the west of 10 Arros (522 Edenton St.) is being subdivided into 6 lots and, from what I’ve been able to gather, single-family homes will be built on each. If anyone has more/better information please share.

    I live in the immediate vicinity and have been wondering for years what’s to become of large parcel at SE corner of New Bern & Swain St. I suppose soon after Exploris Elementary moves to their new location I’ll have my answer. I sure do hope it doesn’t end up being a large monolithic apartment complex like the Lincoln. Would love more of a street presence.

  3. I hope those extrusions are stuffed with fiberglass or spray foam. Lots of thermal bridging possible, but at least they’re building tight with zip wall, granted that the tape is pressure applied per manufacturer instructions

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