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West South Street looking east

It may not be officially complete as of today but as far as we’re concerned the two-way conversion of South and Lenoir Street is now finished. I say that because the streets are now running as two-way streets compared to their former one-way. The new bike lanes are in and landscaping is done.

According to the city’s website at the time of this writing there is still some drain work to wrap up. Drive/ride away, I say!

Let’s get plans for a Jones/Lane Street conversion going as well!

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  1. I really like this project, and I hope that more streets are converted back to two-way soon. Am I correct in remembering that Person or Blount was also to be converted? I seem to recall hearing that somewhere.

  2. Person and Blount *are getting full streetscapes and some traffic calming all the way to Crabtree Blvd. Wake Forest gets renamed Person, Capital gets moved entirely west of Pigeon House Branch (creek) north of the Wake Forest (renamed to Person as I said) interchange and of course a greenway gets installed between downtown and Crabtree Creek. I imagine these things get phased in, but they are all being implemented as part of an overall plan from Hammond to Crabtree Blvd. I think the Person/Blount streetscapes are the closest to being let for bids, but correct me and weigh in, anyone that knows positively the schedule for this stuff. RE Blount in particular, I am 99% sure it just collapses from three to two lanes for a dedicated bike lane (the three lanes are too narrow around Moore Sq anyway)

  3. I would rather see Person and Blount remain as one-way pairs but give them each a one-way, dedicated, fully separated, cycle track. (not bike lanes.)

    10′ sidewalk
    9′ parking
    10′ travel lane
    10′ travel lane
    9′ parking
    2′ buffer
    6′ cycle track
    10′ sidewalk
    == 66′ total width (which is the width of most streets in downtown Raleigh, including these two.)

  4. Man look at that hotel in the distance, that paint job is something right out of the Sin City strip. Good grief, but the inside is actually very nice.

  5. Jones & Lane seem like the logical next conversions. Jones would give a nice alternative corridor all the way from Glenwood South to east of Oakwood.
    I wonder if the two blocks that are closed in front of Quorum will delay that, though?

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