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Oak City Market House of Fresh

The convenience store king of downtown Raleigh, Taz, has opened up House of Fresh in the Skyhouse tower. The shop is part deli, part grocer with a wide selection of produce, meats, and other essentials. What I like about this one is that the items are packed in there, as an urban store should be.

When you couple this up with DGX Raleigh nearby, you have some pretty convenient options along Blount Street.

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I love that Taz isn’t resting on his laurels. Smart to stay fresh. (No pun intended.)

The Oak City Market House of Fresh?
Interesting name, do we know how many square feet?

OCMHF! It reminds of of OMFUG


Leo don’t forget Raleigh Provisions around the corner. I know the connotation of the word “provisions” is expensive hipster crap. But, they do have some good locally sourced stuff and all in one spot. I buy Ashe County butter now exclusively and from there.

Off topic but I just read a teaser headline in the Triangle Biz Journal that Cameron Village is looking to underground again. Unfortunately, it’s a subscriber’s story only and I’m not willing to pay 99 bucks just to find out those details. Does anyone know anything about this?

No copy and pasting TBJ articles guys. I’ve already been dinged for that once. ;)

Can anyone provide any general info about that without pasting the article?

Not looking/asking
for copy and paste.

Just went into this store yesterday and was really impressed! Feels like a proper urban mini grocery store. And the Deli was amazing!

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