The City Is looking for Innovative Ideas for Idea Raleigh Competition

Quick post today. No more sitting back and wishing. Submit your ideas over at:


I hope you plan on submitting something Leo.

Innovative Idea #1: Tall Buildings

Lol, gotta get Charter, Edison, City Centre, NH 4, and 400H built first. Wouldn’t mind those two Hobgood towers on the east side of downtown going up either.

I need to read the details. I emailed this to Mike, the guy behind the Above The Oaks idea, about this. ( He pointed out that there is a $2,000 limit so that makes this effort a little underwhelming. Still, I need to read through it and see what could work.

@Leo, I read that too last night and thought to myself, what? You can’t do jack squat for 2 grand. I had some ideas that I wanted to submit until I read that limit.

Seems like it would be innovative to seek input on ideas over $2,000….and that in itself is less than $2,000 so there you go….

Maybe the city city can spend $2000 setting up a portal to get ideas from people about how to creatively spend $2000? Oh, wait….. Doh!

I’ve got an idea. Give the first 2000 people each a dollar for voting for my idea of giving them each a dollar.

I’m still rooting for the Raleigh Canal.

I have an innovative idea. They could renovate Moore Square. Is that even still happening?

We are about to get a 200-250 Million Dollar Bond (Tax Increase), maybe they can throw a few bucks towards the idea effort.

More parklets, yippe!

Moore Square won’t start until the bus station reno is finished.


This is a nice enhancement to your fantastic post in Union Staion.

Nice photo looking towards City center.

Moore Square renovation plans are in review and as Leo stated the project will start after bus renovations are done.

Why does one have to be complete before the other starts? I thought initially they were supposed to finish around the same time. Anyways, when is the bus station supposed to be done then?

They still need to operate the bus system in that area. Stops were moved to Martin street along Moore Square while the station is being renovated. It’s actually almost done, it’ll be done this summer.

Gotcha. Thanks Leo! Also, I found this on the city’s website; looks like “spring” is the start date, so coincides with the bus station reno winding down.

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