Residence Inn Close to the Top

Raleigh Convention Center and future Residence Inn

Raleigh Convention Center and future Residence Inn

Checking in with the Residence Inn being built next to the Raleigh Convention Center, the hotel on Salisbury Street was working on the ninth floor. Below is my shot from the sidewalks as well as a photo from Twitter from the air.

Future Residence Inn

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    None right now. Must be a new project.


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  1. So is it supposed to be 9 stories or 10? I saw an article about it being 9, but the rendering shows 10. And that front left corner from the Twitter picture doesn’t match the rooftop bar layout of the rendering. So, 10?

  2. Lookin good… although it would have been great to stick it on that lame parking garage it’s next to. THAT would have given a good boost to this 10-story shorty. Looks like it’s barely taller than the convention center!

    But another rooftop bar open to the public? Big thumbs up to that!

  3. @Robert. Definitely. This is great. and publix will go in as well. We have plenty of apartments going in .. and this will do nothing but continue to bring more and more people in

  4. @Robert. Publix and Harris Teeter offer select a size grocery stores. These will not be huge suburban “large” grocers. Think North Hills Harris Teeter.

  5. No matter how you look at it.. this is GREAT news! And that is a great place to put it. And with the parking deck.. that will be much needed.

  6. The article mentions something about multifamily housing coming to Seaboard Station? Does anyone know anything about that? That’s a great place for apartments.

  7. If this HT kills a better located future grocer in Glenwood South, it will be a real shame. In current incarnation, Seaboard Station is little more than an undulating suburban strip center in a quasi-urban setting.

  8. I have nothing against Sunflower’s but Seaboard could develop that space to better connect itself to the rest of downtown. They should encourage state employees and Elan residents to walk across the street.

  9. How does Sunflower disconnect Seaboard to downtown? It would be great if we didn’t kill off any more longstanding restaurants.

  10. Justin – I kinda agree with you about Sunflower. It seems somewhat out of place there. And thats great space for something to be built there.

  11. @Justin and Bruce, the discussion around Sunflower is just an extension of my comment that the current incarnation of Seaboard Station is really suburban in nature. Just take a look at the aerial view of the center. One sees mostly asphalt with prioritization of parking in front of the variety of strip center businesses as the clear organizing principle. If the inclusion of HT and a parking garage can start to change that dynamic and position the center as a more pedestrian oriented property, I wouldn’t mind seeing the current incarnation of Sunflower be sacrificed. It could come back in a new building. Its circular parking configuration with a central building is something one expects to see in Cary or Garner, not in DT Raleigh. The entrance to Seaboard is surface parking to the left and surface parking to the right. That’s a long way from a true urban shopping experience. It needs to change.

  12. Sunflower use to be located where Hibernian is currently located. The fact that HT or WPU hasn’t submitted any site plans and is working on sketches now shows they are a long way from opening. Kane’s site is in for preliminary and site now. I am not surprised that the chains are requiring 50K of space. Kinda like Lowes and HD gotta be right near their competition. Someone will put in a smaller and pedestrian friendly store in the core downtown and give them a run for their $. Seaboard has the benefit of being on R line and walkable to anyone east of capital which is major negative to walking. Smokey Hollow site will benefit GS area.

  13. FWIW, the Kane project is also on the RLine. In order for the grocers to reduce the number of shoppers who rely on cars, having the RLine as an option means that those who can walk to the Rline from their homes will also be able to reasonably shop for a moderate amount of groceries and carry them by hand or shoulder. Personal foldable carts will also allow those with more groceries to do the same. I see this behavior all the time in Miami Beach via the SouthBeach local.

  14. RE: Seaboard HT – I’m really hoping that the “multifamily housing” they mentioned will be an apartment tower built on top of the 2-3 story parking deck they said would be included. That way the parking deck will still tower over the 1 story HT, but now with real purpose. Anyone think there’s a good chance this could be the case?? It’s not like they have a lot of room to build an HT, and a parking deck, AND a separate smaller apt building.

  15. Imagine it! They could fit the extra retail space at the bottom of the parking deck along the street next to HT, then hidden within will be 2-3 stories of parking (could be more if they run with an apt tower) and then at least 5 stories of apts. Could have a nice 8-10 story building and really increase the city-street feel of Seaboard Station, which as many have commented is pretty suburban in its layout, currently.

  16. That’s close to me. It’s definitely downtown (IMO). A way better option than CV for a lot of people.

    Very excited about this!

  17. The grocery/pharmacy coming to Glenwood South at the bottom of Gramercy will be a great addition as well, especially for those looking who can walk. I hope they serve breakfast :)

  18. The addition of more housing and a parking deck, not to mention Harris Teeter, will be a game changer for Seaboard Station. Peace University has been working to create a plan that will no doubt work with its long term plans for the adjacent campus. The block with Sunflower’s CafĂ© will definitely be redeveloped. Long term I see a reorganization of Seaboard into more of a main street along Seaboard Avenue and Halifax Street.

  19. @Jake, dang man, I hadn’t thought of that possibility. I’d wager something shorter…10 seems high in that area based on my based-on-nothing ideas about the zoning up there. But even 6 stories Retail-Parking Deck-Apartments total would be exactly what you’d hope to see happening around town.
    Much to my surprise WPU owns the building Sunflowers is in. They own the old Newtons lot on the Halifax corner too. I admire the reuse of an old Hardees…A+ from the “reuse” standpoint. But the site has poor urban form. The parcel fronts three streets and the building engages non of them. Seems like any grand redesign going on *could incorporate these parcels and the small parking lot adjacent to Halifax too. Really curious to see what they end up with after doing those 15 different drawings….

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