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The Gramercy Apartments February 2016

The Gramercy Apartments in Glenwood South is taking shape for their projected Spring 2016 opening. There isn’t much info posted yet but their website, as of today, allows you to sign up for future emails.

It’s not confirmed but I’m putting my money that the reported Glenwood South pharmacy (see tweet below or here if you can’t see it) is going here. Just a guess though.

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  1. Thanks for the picture and update Leo. I think that a pharmacy would be a great fit for this site, walk-in of course, no drive-through…

  2. So that sign above the main entrance says “One Life” – I googled that and found a Health Food store in Santa Monica, CA, which is not a chain so it’s not that. There is a company called OneLife Screenprinting in Raleigh, but I have to doubt that has anything to do with it. Any idea what that sign is? Could that be the name of the new pharmacy?

  3. That sign has been there since the Tyvek was put up, so I assumed it was some catchy version of the live/work/play brand that they came up with. “One Life [in downtown at the Gramercy]”.

  4. @Jake, I think if you notice something independently you get credit. I used to walk past here every day until a recent move across downtown so I had an unfair insider advantage :) Your take on it seems like the more likely scenario…I am just a little predisposed to think anything Glenwood related will have stupid monikers like “One Life!” or “Be the fat cat on Glenwood and drink Red Bull from this balcony!”

  5. Just an assumption, but the placement of the “One Life” sign in question looks like it’s over the future residential lobby area. If my assumption is correct then Mark is probably right.

  6. It appears that John Kane is still on the move. New Raleigh tweeted that he bought the property where Southland Ballroom now resides. Article from N&O.

  7. @Robert. I agree about the “no drive-thru”. In fact, I’d like it if the city put a moratorium on new drive-thru business in its DT boundary while they study and understand the impact to the emerging urban neighborhoods.
    Leo will understand my comments when I talk about what just a few fast food drive-thrus do to the urban environment in South Beach. These types of businesses typically land on small lots of busy corners for exposure reasons. The result is usually a mess of traffic snarls where normal traffic patterns are disrupted and sidewalks and crosswalks are blocked during peak hours.

  8. Yay for Smokey Hollow!!! This is another thing that Leo will relate to. We used Smokey Hollow history as an anchor to our efforts several years ago to influence the Peace/Capital intersection. Smokey Hollow is the historical name of that basin where the new Kane property resides all the way up through Devereaux Meadows. It was named as such because it was actually smokey due to the operations that existed in the cotton mills….Yes, that cotton mill that’s now the condo. That’s VERY exciting news!

  9. @John! You wouldn’t be referring to the pollo tropical restaurant in south beach! I do find that a lot of prime land is wasted on drive thru service!

  10. @randall! That Pollo Tropical is certainly the worst but not the only one that’s often a mess. The McDonald’s at Alton and 16th is also a shit show at times. But, yes, that Pollo Tropical is the worst.

  11. FWIW 208 N Harrington St is what I refer to as the “last house in Smokey Hollow”. While it is up the hill from the Pigeon House branch basin(and not technically Smokey Hollow) it was still behind the big houses of Hillsborough St. and very much a blue collar house. Its a lovely house with tiled mantel and beautiful dark wood mantel and trim.in much of the house. The Greyhound apartments are going to require that this house be moved or removed. In my perfect world this house would get moved to an empty lot in one of our remaining historic neighborhoods. Anyway, just throwing this out there to raise awareness of its existence and possibly spark some interest in saving this house.

  12. Thanks Leo. That makes my day. I noted a while back that the home’s owner also owns the building that Raleigh Wine shop is in at Jones and Glenwood. He has something of a preservationist mindset so I was hopeful he’d negotiated a move into his sales price.

  13. @Mark/Leo. I posted information about the 208 Harrington House here: http://dtraleigh.com/2013/12/greyhound-relocating-outside-of-downtown-raleigh/

    Here’s a repeat of what I said, hopefully this information is still correct:

    “I happened to notice a RDHC Certificate of Appropriateness notice (case 063-15-CA) posted at 414 New Bern Ave. so I decided to check it out. Turns out the case is to move the historic house at 208 N. Harrington (currently a law office) to the New Bern Ave. location. This house is right next to the former Greyhound bus depot downtown. I’m sure they aren’t clearing things out of this area simply for the fun of it. Perhaps Ted Reynolds is planning a major announcement in the not too distant future?”

  14. Stew you’ve answered another question I had….I bike/walk past this intersection daily on New Bern and it was being cleared this week. I was wondering what exactly was happening…assume another new house, possibly a modern one by the fellas doing those down at Swain and New Bern. This is excellent news….I’ve lamented the loss of so many historic homes east and south of Oakwood. So even though Smokey Hollow will be 100% gone now (kind of was anyway as I caveated earlier), this side (my side!) of downtown gets a nice historic resource added to it. AS an aside, at least 3 houses and the All Saints Chapel have been saved by moving them to within a block of this lot. I’m obviously very very happy about how this is turning out.

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