1. Interesting… the new facade will look nice but I never minded the roman columns at all!

  2. Awesome. I never did like those columns. For me, it was like the building didn’t know whether it wanted to be traditional or post-modern. With this update, it will be neither.

  3. I know that all of you are tired of talking baseball for downtown Raleigh , but I really believe that behind the scenes , something is going on concerning bringing baseball back to Raleigh. I honestly feel it in my gut. If it happens, I think that we are looking @it a few years or maybe more. I have decided to write Mr. Kane’s reply to my letter for you to read.


    Thank you for your letter regarding bringing a baseball team to Raleigh.

    It would be a great thing for our city. I have had some discussion with a group that wants to bring a team affiliated with the Atlantic Baseball League. They are looking for a site.

    Maybe the timing will be right and we could land one.

    Thank you

    John M. Kane
    Kane Realty Corporation
    4321 Lassiter at North Hills Avenue
    Suite 250
    Raleigh North Carolina 27609
    Main: 919-833-7755
    Direct: 919-719-5430

    Like a city councilor told me last week, not now but maybe later! I sure hope so! Dwight

  4. I believe there’s a time and a place for baseball comments. I don’t think you should inject them into every post.

  5. Yeah, I love the enthusiasm but I’m growing tired of reading about baseball in every comment thread, too. I could be biased though, because I could hardly care less if we got some backwoods ultra-minor baseball league let alone MLB.

  6. DPK, I do agree with you! The Planning Commission will discuss again on June 23, the rezoning of 603 S. Wilmington St. concerning the 12 story hotel project. Also on Bidclerk Projects in Raleigh NC shows Project #510384 Updated 6-10-15 Hotel/Residential App. Start Date 10-5-15 1200 Residential 1,600,000 Sq. Ft. Office 250 Rm. Hotel Movie Theater Plaza !!!! What a project !!!

  7. Dwight, that sounds like the project on Glenwood near Crabtree Valley Mall, but just inside the Beltline? It would be awesome if it was downtown tho!

  8. Dwight,1200 residential units???

    Start date 10/5/15 looks like we should see something happening soon.

    Do you have any more details?

  9. No Adrian I don’t. You have to be a member of Bidclerk to get any more info. That’s all I know! Like Jeff, I wish this would be downtown!

  10. In today’s N&O , Charter Square South will have their ribbon cutting @ 5:30 p.m. tomorrow !

  11. Nice! Now if they would only release renderings and height info for Charter Square North…

  12. @Dwight: Thank you for the Charter Square update. Hopefully, they will also have something dedicated to the memory of the workers who lost their lives in the process. Something to show that while we are growing, we are still a community and we appreciate the hard work done and risks taken by some.

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