1. Can’t wait for the completion of this block in the Fall. I think it will be a very positive addition. That said, why does it take a year to complete one block. I do admit complete ignorance on the subject…..just asking.

  2. I think it is the infrastructure that is a nightmare on this block. It is being built on top of a three stories deep, previously built, parking garage. So, essentially, it is a bridge. There is a lot of wiring and plumbing going in for the four kiosks, the fountains and the cool light towers, etc. which will be needed to make this the all purpose space the CIty wants it to be…so it can be ready for festivals and other events…on top of a parking garage.

  3. Wow, CP is coming along nicely! Can’t wait ’till it’s finished.

    Photo taken from the Mariott City Center I presume?

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