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Peace Street Townes September 2014

Construction of Peace Street Townes continues. A sign at the site claims, as of last weekend, that only 4 units remain of the 18 unit site.

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  1. I walked through these the other day. The 3BR units are definitely not really 3BR. You have to go through one of the BR’s to get to the 3rd floor master. Poor planning in my opinion. Not much to them.

  2. The floor plans do not show you walking through a bedroom to get to another. I like the rooftop terrace. Overall a good design.

  3. sorry looked again, yeah it is odd how you have to go through the study to get upstairs. I would use the space as an office.

  4. Regarding the three bedroom plans, let’s be serious. Do we really think all three bedrooms would be used in these townhouses in this location? It’s clear to me that the plan is intended to attract young professionals who might want a roommate and a home office. Likewise, the two bedroom plan is really for a single person or couple who want a home office. Otherwise, the plan would have two baths upstairs instead of one.

  5. I’m disappointed that there will be no retail (doesn’t look like it). Old renderings from the pre-2008 housing crash proposal were 4-story with retail fronting Peace. While this might be a workable proposal now, the market is coming back strong and we’re going to regret the short sighted planning for this site. #allaboutthestreetexperience

  6. I’ll echo John’s point.

    Even though I think the idea of walking through one “bedroom” to get to another “bedroom” is a big negative, I suspect most folks will be wealthy young professionals who rent out just one of the “bedrooms” to their buddy and turn the third adjoining “bedroom” space into an office.

  7. No, they’re around $300,000 for a 3 “bedroom” townhouse. I’d say if they’re not wealthy, then they’re relatively well off. Most “common” folks wouldn’t buy a townhouse that’s in reality 2 bedrooms for $300,000. They’d buy an actual 3 bedroom single family house in Holly Springs or Wake Forest.

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