BeerCon: Tasty Beverage Company Coming To The Depot

The website for Tasty Beverage Co. says it all:

There is a lack of a dedicated beer store in Raleigh and we plan to fill that gap. We plan to offer an impressive selection of beers from the American craft beer industry as well as the world. Tasty Beverage Company will also feature a selection of wines, high quality sodas, local meats, and cheeses.

The new beer store will go in the space between Jibarra and Tuscan Blu in the historic depot building and the current outlook is for them to open their doors this summer.

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    None right now. Must be a new project.


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  1. Great news for the depot, the warehouse district, and raleigh retail as a whole. Along with the Glenwood wine/beer shop this should help supplement what TAZ is selling in the downtown area.

  2. “There is a lack of a dedicated beer store in Raleigh”

    Apparently they’ve never heard of Peace Street Market.

  3. I love peace street market but to call it a “dedicated beer store” is a bit of a stretch. Its a convenience store that happens to have an exceptional beer selection. There is plenty of room for another beer specialty store, especially with this being closer to the downtown grid. The only issue with the location is the lack of residential density in close proximity. I would have preferred to see this on Wilmington street, but I am guessing they felt TAZ had that territory. I hope it does well, and I continue to hope for the growth and expansion of the warehouse district!

  4. Hooray for more beer shopping!
    Peace Street Market is certainly a stretch. The warehouse district is a great up and coming area for Raleigh especially with CAM recently opening. It will also be nice for those not living downtown since it has a substantial parking lot.

  5. Peace Street Market has a decent selection. The people who work there know next to nothing about the beer and likewise — don’t even attempt to be helpful. Throughout the years I’ve shopped less and less at Peace Street, instead going to Whole Foods (also not very helpful, and a considerably small selection), College Beverage, or more times than not — taking the trek to Sam’s in Durham.

    I warmly welcome a beer store that’s going to do this right way. I’ve been waiting for a Bruisin’ Ales-esque store in the Triangle for some time. Tasty sounds like it’s filling this void, and then some. I’m anxiously awaiting the opening…

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