Downtown Company move, offices doing well

The N&O reports that Kimley-Horn, the engineering and planning firm is moving downtown. They will be vacating their offices in the Briggs Building and moving to Capital Bank Plaza, that’s just one block down Fayetteville St. The article says:

RALEIGH – Engineering and land-planning firm Kimley-Horn and Associates agreed to sublease 11,000 square feet from Capital Bank in Capital Bank Plaza at 333 Fayetteville St.

Kimley-Horn, which occupies about 4,000 square feet in the Briggs Hardware building at 220 Fayetteville, plans to move in July.

Available downtown office space is dropping but as we all know, there are big plans for more in the near future. Its good to see a Raleigh firm taking up more space and hopefully expanding within downtown.

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