Raleigh nightlife ranks well with young singles

It seems that the growing nightlife, which is mainly focused in downtown, has put raleigh on the map for young singles. The N&O reports:

Call it a meat market. Or a college town grown up. Or, like Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, you can call Raleigh one of the best cities for young singles.

The Capital City joined Washington; Denver; Austin, Texas; and Lexington, Ky., in the magazine’s June issue as the best cities for young singles.

Among Kiplinger’s criteria:

“For young singles, two factors can be crucial to choosing where to live: Can I afford the rents? And what can I do there? Finding an apartment that fits a starting-out budget is key.

“And whatever money is left over often goes to meals out, concert tickets and bar tabs. These metro areas all scored well on rental affordability and have a high number of restaurants and night spots per capita. Each area also scored highly on our bohemian index — a measure of the city’s diversity and cultural amenities.”


•Cost-of-Living Index: 99 (100 being national average)

•Bohemian Indicator: 110

Being a young single myself, I agree with the rating but have not been to the other cities for a good comparison. The nightlife will continue to improve and become larger, there is no doubt about that. Let’s hope other forms of entertainment come to downtown to create a mix that can attract all kinds of people to the area.

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