Riviera Adds Character to Nightlife

I think I have found my new hang out spot. I finally went out to The Riviera last night (wed.) for their salsa nights and to check out the restaurant and upstairs lounge. I immediately liked what I saw.

The downstairs restaurant was simple but still felt very original, not at all like the upstairs floor, called the Riv Lounge, which I was drawn into upon first going in. Salsa nights on Wednesdays are new at The Riviera so not many people came out. I hope this will change because I believe the Riv Lounge is a perfect stage for any dance event.

I talked to the bartender about the other nights of the week and they offer something all across the board. Along with Wednesday night salsa dancing, Thursdays usually host varied events, Friday nights consist of a live band, and DJs on Saturday nights. The website is very well done and a nice google calendar is set up to let you plan for their events.

Now if the food is just as good as the atmosphere, I’m in heaven.

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  1. I’ve not been to their lounge/club area…just to the restaurant.
    It’s a great place. The first couple of months they were open, things weren’t so good. But they have definitely hit their stride now, and it’s a very yummy menu. Every meal I’ve had there recently, I’ve definitely enjoyed. Another plus is I rarely have trouble getting a table there…usually seated very promptly even without a reservation. (Hope that lasts!)

  2. I LOVE the Riveria. The dance floor is so nice and the people there are really cool too. Wednesday night they have $3 well drinks for anyone who wants a cheap drink. The music is great and there some awesome salsa dancers there. I encourage anyone who wants to dance salsa on a nice floor with lots of fun people to check it out.

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