Raleigh Downtown Farmers Market

Formerly located at Moore Square, the Raleigh Downtown Farmers Market is a vibrant new addition to City Plaza and is downtown Raleigh’s premier venue for locally grown produce and artisan food.

Raleigh Downtown Farmers Market.

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  1. Why on earth is this only Wednesday during the day? The vast majority of Raleigh residents work during the day, and most likely not on Fayetteville Street. Wouldn’t a Saturday or Sunday morning slot make a lot more sense?

    I’m excited to see City Plaza getting some use, and I love Farmers Markets, but this is completely useless to me.


  2. Great. Move it from a venue right across from a bus station, and with plenty of parking nearby to a dead-end street with neither.

    Someone’s trying to convince us that City Plaza is worthwhile without actually providing anything of value.

  3. I agree with Jeff. I know there are some people who might find a Wednesday Farmers Market useful but there are an awful lot of people who would find a weekend spot of greater benefit! Even if you could get by there on Wednesday via a break from work, where would you store the produce/items you picked up?

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