Raleigh’s First Law School Opens Up

Campbell Law School started classes yesterday in their new building on Hillsborough Street. The renovations that have been taking place for over a year were mostly on the interior of the building. There is well-placed signage on each side of the building making it hard to miss. This is a unique addition to downtown and we’ll see lots of benefits in having the school located here. Raleigh is now NOT the largest capital city to not have a law school!

The parking lot across the street is now being used and the city definitely did not pretty up this lot. I’m not complaining though, the lot looks very temporary with gravel, wooden barriers, and moveable concrete curbs. Wires were probably not run under the ground too seeing as they are solar powered. If a developer was interested in this lot, the city could clear out on the cheap.

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  1. While I’m not thrilled that the city is using that space as a lot, I am glad it’s obviously temporary.
    (Did Campbell really need it? Doesn’t their building have underground parking already?)
    The solar-powered lights are smart. I bet the bulbs are LED? This could be a trend in the making.

  2. Think of it this way. The inaugural class is made up of 409 students with roughly 54 faculty/staff/admin/adjunct positions filled. Now take into account that they have active courts within the building and a working library. Also there has to be flex parking for visitors regardless, including parents, students, university personnel from Campbell’s main campus, etc. It starts to make sense why their parking requirements might not be fully met with just the lot directly underneath their building.

  3. This building is cool but not nearly as cool as the Raleigh Dead Drop that will start right around the corner from it on Friday Sept. 25th at noon. If you can find an iPod touch its yours and its all free.

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