The Best Baklava In Downtown

If that picture gets you excited then you have to try one of these three places in downtown. This comes up after a conversation with some friends and after trying them all, I can’t pick a winner cause they are all so good. Which is your favorite, on or off the list?

The Empire Eats and Neomonde collaboration, Sitti has the same great Baklava as the deli on Hillsborough Street.

The Roast Grill
The best way to complete your day is with a homemade piece of Baklava after a couple burnt ones.

Turkish Delights

The traditional Baklava tastes great but with all those other flavors, it’ll have you coming back. (pictured above)

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  1. While I think Sitti/Neomonde is best for a good Lebanese or Middle Eastern-style dinner, for Baklava specifically I will vote for Turkish Delights. Where else can you get so many flavors…or better yet, a Baklava Sundae?!? :-D

  2. I know its not a Baklava question, but can anyone tell me where to get the best italian sausage/ brats around this area? I have some family coming in and thats what they would like to eat… Any suggestions?

  3. Travis, as an italian american, I cannot say I have been to any italian restaurants in this area I would recommend (some are fine, but none are outstanding).

    On the brats front, a friend of mine who I rely on for good reviews of restaurants raved about Bavarian Brathaus on Tryon in Cary. They make their own german sausage.

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