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Along with a couple other site tweaks, I’m also going to have a poll up for readers to participate in. It is displayed on the site’s sidebar so make sure and check back on the current voting progress. I’ll also update everyone with the start and end of a new poll. I plan to do this at most twice a month.

The first question I ask relates to the Moore Square redesign. Its actually a very simple question; do we need to redesign the square at all? Currently, the city is having a design competition where groups will submit their plans for a new Moore Square. Upgrades are great but we first must identify a reason for this redesign. In my opinion, I do not see a problem with the current setup and feel that the real focus should be elsewhere in downtown. However, there is some real talent in this area and if a world class design comes forward, it may be worth considering.

The poll will be open through August 31st so cast your vote and leave your comments below.

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  1. I think that most people would agree that Moore Square needs a facelift. What they may debate on is the quality of improvements. There are a lot of things to like about Moore Square, but there are a few things we can do to make it more attractive, without spending a lot of money.

    If it was up to me, I would push for a review of the Moore Square/City Market small area plan and focus on bringing more mixed-use projects within a small distance from the square. Massive potential exists on the East side of the square and I would love to see a few 10-15 story buildings surrounding the square, but three of its sides may not provide that kind of opportunity. The Edison may become a catalyst, but some transitional – not low-rise – developments would help, IMO. With additional tax base, we can justify some major improvements, making this a win-win situation.

  2. I have no problem with the square as it currently is designed. I would rather the city spend money on other things. If the money “has” to be spent on the square, set it aside for maintenance and safety.

    As for a facelift, I could see that by way of improvements to what is there landscape-wise, not a redesign. It is simple and open.

  3. I think by redesigning what surrounds Moore Square will better affect people’s experiences and opinions of Moore Square itself.

  4. Looks like a good idea for the city to tap local/free resources to develop plans for such a key feature of downtown Raleigh. I hope that these talented folks are familiar with the property and have an overall vision of how to integrate this space within the context of future city plans. It is interesting to note that no general guidelines (budget, what issues to solve, etc)were identified by the city. I would like to know what may have driven the Mayor to initiate this activity as it should have been identified to help those folks who will submitt their ideas/designs to focus their work to an end game.

  5. Ben is probably right…areas adjacent to Moore Square (specifically, the block east of it, as well as filling up City Market) is what really needs some help.

    Moore Square’s design is ok as it is It just needs some basic common-sense sprucing up. Nicer benches (with arm rests in middle to keep people from using them as beds). Maybe upgrade the lampposts with LED bulbs to be brighter & whiter. Better landscaping. Trash pickup. Put pavers down on the gravel paths. More public art/statues/sculptures. You get the idea.

  6. I saw the early renderings at the Urban Design Center and I must say people offered some nice ideas. Of course, it boils down to funding and ROI. If we do not see interest by developers to “fill up” some of the nearby parcels with decent projects, any facelift would be a waste of funds.

    Maybe we can look at DT Savannah for some ideas and inspiration ;)

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