The Old Melrose Knitting Company Warehouse

I know very little about this warehouse but it is my favorite one in downtown. You may have passed it a thousand times before noticing it because the warehouse is tucked away on the right as you come into downtown on Dawson St. at Lane St. I bring it up because there has been some small amount of activity here recently. A brick wall has been built in front with two openings, wide enough for a single car. My first guess is that there will be a parking lot in front for possible offices in the building.

I took a picture of the warehouse almost a year ago. Below is that picture followed by a recent one showing the new additions. If anyone has any information about the warehouse, please share in the comments. A Sanborn map from 1903 (pdf) shows the warehouse and that the Melrose Knitting Company was here.

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    None right now. Must be a new project.


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  1. A great opportunity for reusing existing space – not that I would mind a high-rise ;) I pass this building on the way to work every day and I can’t help seeing the potential. The location is not ideal, though :(

  2. I used to pass this building on my way to NCSU every morning. It was unbelievably tempting to “inquire” about the availability of some of the crumbling bricks. I am glad that something is being done with this building, because it really is gorgeous.

  3. I noticed this building (before the brick wall) on our way back from Bali Hai one day. I was wondering about it, hoping that it wouldn’t be torn down.

  4. I remember almost a decade ago there was talk about a gym going in that spot. That was, of course, when it would have been downtown’s first gym, before Peak and Seaboard Fitness eventually came. So I kinda doubt that’s what’s going there now.
    Personally, I think it’d be a cool spot for loft apartments.

  5. the building is being turned into condos/apartments/or whatever you’d call them. my friend breshnaa is currently leasing units in this building; the first floor is taken but the second & third floors are still available. there are some pics of some of the renovation at

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