1. I drove by last Saturday and the place seem to be busy. I wish them best of luck!!!

    One a less upbeat note, have you guys noticed a slow-down in Glenwood South’s nightlife. Sure, during the colder evenings people will not walk around as much, nor will they sit outdoors. On the top of it, many people may stay home to watch sports, but still. I am not visiting Glenwood South on a regular basis, but I remember seeing MANY more people over there, even during the colder months. Just curious…

  2. I on Glenwood South the weekend after Christmas which usually is pretty popping as people are home for the holidays and going out to see friends. Granted, not as many students, but still…pretty dead.

  3. I think the traffic is hit or miss, especially around the holidays. I feel that Raleigh is really affected in that people leave town or are spending money on travel, gifts, etc. keeping them at home on most weekends in Nov/Dec. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people take for granted the fun things to do in their own city so most do not go out much when they have time off. As people start coming home and going back to work, you’ll see everyone back on Glenwood South. Give it a week or two, me thinks.

  4. I was with a friend on Glenwood South for her 21st birthday on the 22nd of Dec. I know it was a Monday and all, right before Christmas… but it seemed the only bars open were Stool Pigeions and Around The Corner. Our group of 15 or so basically owned both of those bars that night(not gonna lie… it was kinda nice). The street was the most dead I have ever seen any part of DT Raleigh. I must also mention that it was like 19 degrees outside though.

    Now on the other hand… Glenwood South was INSANE for New Years! Great night!

  5. Thanks for the input. I was a bit concerned, although I know that there are only a few nights a year when Glenwood South is not alive. Halloween evening seemed to be very slow, too, but with Hillsborough Str getting the bulk of the business, I wasn’t as surprised. Springtime is always the best time, I think :)

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