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The Morning Times is one of a handful of downtown Raleigh coffee shops. Give a shout out to your favorite one.

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  1. I’ve been in Raleigh long enough to remember there not being much of a coffee house in downtown. It was either one of the places along Hillsborough Street near NCSU, or go to Five Points for Third Place. (Which I still love.) Glad that downtown is changing that.

    Helios came first and very glad to have it. I like that they have evening hours…which is probably their major plus over Morning Times. I’d love for Morning Times to drop the “morning” part…but I guess that part of downtown still needs a little more foot traffic for that.

    So Morning Times has became my favorite A.M. coffee shop, and Helios my favorite P.M. one, for downtown.

  2. dunkin donuts is a waste of space, no vision. tear it down and build a 50-60 signature tower…

  3. Port City Java on Fayetteville Street is great!! The artwork is really cool and its corner location is perfect for people watching. I love the Hang 10 smoothie.

  4. It use to be Helios and then they turned into Glennwood south and lost what made them Helios…….. I would have to say though that Morning Times did a great job stepping in to fill that void in my coffee life!

  5. It figures that someone from Cary would think that one of the most generic coffee shops in downtown Raleigh is also really cool.

  6. Crema now has a “stand” in the lobby of the Wachovia Capitol Center (just across the street from them).

    We get free Starbucks where I work so there’s no need for me to buy coffee in the AM.

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