BeerCon: Deep South

Deep South sits at the end (or the start?) of the warehouse district on Dawson and Cabarrus Streets. This cool bar has a rock attitude and the walls are covered with legendary quotes of some of the most famous rock songs out there. They have all your beer needs covered as well as the cheapest specials I’ve seen in town.

The location seems to be a little off from the current downtown watering holes but Deep South is ahead of the curve. I think that once the Raleigh Convention Center is up and running as well as the downtown amphitheater, this area will buzz with activity.

Sells cigarettes
Pool Table
Live music on select nights
Small outdoor area


430 S Dawson St
Raleigh, NC 27601
(go to map)
(919) 833-1255

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  1. Deep South is that little hideaway that the regulars know about but we try and keep it quiet so there’s enough beer and pool for us! :) Good place to go to hear classic rock, and be able to maintain a real conversation without the pretentiousness of covers and attitudes the other clubs seem to relish on…Overall, a nice lil gem in the heart of the club scene..but’s best left our little secret……

  2. Another perk about Deep South. If you’re standing in the pool room and you look out the window between the door and the bar, you can see the shimmer wall.

    This place is right up your alley, Leo. For every quote on the wall, I’m sure you have the album. ;o)

  3. I think the console arcade machine needs mentioning. I love this thing. It should be noted that I am completely horrible at Donkey Kong. Seriously, fired.

  4. Ah, nice write up. I tried to make it out to Kulture when it was there.

    I stopped Deep South by to get a membership a few months after it opened. I didn’t know there was an outdoor area. Nice!

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