Sidetrack Brewpub Gets Sidetracked

There’s really nothing new to report about on the Sidetrack Brewpub, which is being planned at the intersection of Boylan Ave. and Hargett St. Last year, word on the street was that it was supposed to open in the summer of 2007, which if you check your calendar, the time has come. However, the bar has not opened and here is a note taken off of their website posted back in April:

UPDATE: 04/23/2007 – The Sidetrack Brewpub is not yet open for business. As of late April, we have received the plan submittal back from the City of Raleigh. After addressing their modest comments we will resubmit for permit and then be under construction soon afterward. The opening date is about 6 months away, or in the fall.

Sidetrack has some great potential. If you look at the website, you can see the renderings and the layouts. The outdoor patio will have a stellar view of the skyline. The view from the Boylan Ave. bridge is one of the best and is my favorite spot to take pictures of the skyline. I hope Sidetrack gets going soon so we all can enjoy the outdoor patio before it gets too cold. The Bloomsbury Estates residents may be frequenting this bar to the max.


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