New Raleigh-Based Podcast Focuses on Transit

Inbound Raleigh

There’s a new podcast out now and its focus is on Transit in Raleigh. I just finished listening to their second episode which is a great interview with our city’s transportation planning manager, Eric Lamb.

Called Inbound Raleigh, the podcast wants to talk about all the different ways to get around Raleigh that don’t involve a car on a street. After listening to the first episode, it really shows you how many different transit-related projects we have in the pipeline. We have bike share, a transit referendum next month, a bike plan, sidewalk expansions, a train station, and a lot more.

The podcast is run by Jennifer Suarez and James Borden, both of Raleigh Public Record fame. (Disclaimer, Jennifer is also married to yours truly.)

If podcasts are a way that you enjoy getting your media then I encourage you to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and/or listen to Little Raleigh Radio. They have been instrumental in getting the podcast off the ground and always deserve love when they help launch new projects.