Untapped Resource: Halifax Mall

The government complex is a part of downtown whether we like it or not. The whole area becomes a ghost town at night and you can hear a pin drop on the weekends. However, within this black hole there is a true gem. Halifax Mall is the large grassy field in the middle of all the government buildings and it needs a little love on the weekends.

I took a walk around there this past Saturday and there is plenty of green space for some sports action. The weather was great for a game of football, soccer, or whatever sport you prefer. Maybe I just came at a bad time, but 2:00 pm seemed like an ideal time for people to show. The grass is certainly greener then your yard and the views are pretty cool. There are benches, water fountains, and plenty of parking. There is just no human presence.

Maybe I’ll organize a RalCon soccer game and we can play here. Who’s in?