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photo of freedom park in downtown Raleigh

North Carolina Freedom Park is now open and it certainly looks like a stunning space. The one-acre park at the corner of Lane and Wilmington Streets is dedicated to the African American struggle for freedom. I am so impressed by what the architects, and everyone behind the project, have delivered here. It’s great to see this close to our museums as well as state government buildings.

On a more local level, one thing that jumped out at me from all the photos of the park, after the opening ceremony that is, is how few people are here on any given day. It made me realize what role Raleigh plays as the capital city. Not all spaces are made for play as we also have to consider spaces for reflection. Locals may love the more active places around Raleigh but we also need to host events, ceremonies, and celebrations that permeate state-wide. Freedom Park does this and it does it at a level that I think anyone in the state can be proud of.

If you’re close by, take a few minutes to walk through and get a feel for it. The pictures don’t do it justice.

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