2015 State of the City

Mayor Nancy McFarlane’s 2015 State of the City speech. The speech starts at 11:45.

If the video doesn’t show up for you, click here.

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  1. I do have a slight concern for our future growth! The redistricting of our commissioners, being forced on Wake county by the state legislature, may indeed affect our ability to progress. The State legislature seems to want to punish Wake County for whatever reason! The last few years our county has been singled out by them and it is sad that the State is practicing big government where we are concerned.

    The redistricting may bring in commissioners with no vision for Downtown Raleigh, or even those opposed to any growth within it.

  2. Man, I wish this project would be downtown! A developer has applied paperwork for a project @ “The Soleil Center” on 3-19-15 for a hotel/condo 480 foot tower. SP-52-2005 on Raleigh’s Site Plan. The permit states 2 buildings, 60 feet & 480 feet high. Wanted to share! Dwight Nipper

  3. ^Dwight^ – that’s the same name (and similar height) to what was once planned right across the st from Crabtree Mall before the recession hit- is this for the same location? Would be reallllly stupid to put something of this magnitude next to the living hell that is Crabtree (mainly it’d just be stupid not to put it in the actual city, where it could have a profound impact on the skyline). Where, exactly, is this being (re) proposed???

  4. I think it is the same rendering, has the same height and is in the same location. Thought this project was toast. Wonder if it will be a Westin as previously planned.

  5. Jake & William, I think it is @ the same site as the old project that never happen! Don’t know for sure! Dwight Nipper

  6. I agree Randall. How great would this building look sitting in the heart of downtown, maybe at the old police station lot? It would be the centerpiece tower DT.

  7. What a shame,the Soleil Center Tower should of been Built Downtown in the first place.Any chance that the project be (re)proposed ? Does’nt look like it Huh.Would be nice to see it built Downtown.

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