My Interview on This is Raleigh

Link – Click here to listen on SoundCloud – This is Raleigh: Leo Suarez

Embedded and linked above, you can listen to my interview on “This is Raleigh”, a show hosted by Ben McNeely that plays on Little Raleigh Radio. I enjoyed talking to Ben about transit, parking, and this blog. Make sure to follow the show going forward.

Speaking of radio, Little Raleigh Radio has started streaming their feed online while they wait for a chance to create a low-power FM signal. Make sure to give them a try and see if there’s something that interests you.

If you have a smartphone, the feed can be added using some helpful apps. For iOS devices, give FStream a try. I’m using ServeStream on my Android phone and the feed comes in just fine.

Here are two links to get their stream, whether it’s in a phone app or your browser.

Happy listening!

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  1. Leo! Thanks for plugging LRR! Glad someone had you on for an interview. I host “The ill Advisory” on Little Raleigh Radio every Friday from 9PM-10 (soon to be 9-11), where I play an eclectic mix of electronic, hip-hop instrumentals, beats, neo-R&B, and much more. Soon I’ll be having original content, including guest hosts (next Fri. the 21st will be my first guest and first 2hr show, and I’ll have local comedian Thomas Dixson on the show to talk comedy, the current state of rap, and more)! SO glad to see more support for this awesome new community station!

  2. Leo: Enjoyed listening to your conversation about our downtown . I am from Raleigh & remember when Raleigh’s nickname was The Sleepy Capital Of The South . Population was 65,000 & Crabtree Valley Mall was a cow pasture. Sears Dept. Store was @ Cameron Village & Belk’s Dept. Store was downtown. I love Downtown Raleigh & hope that we have many more tall & beautiful bldgs. in the future . Thanks for your Raleigh Blog ! Dwight Nipper

  3. Leo: Really great to hear this. Love the passion for urban living and getting away from sprawl/car culture. I personally think SE HSR Corridor should be an after thought to getting light rail to RTP/Chapel Hill/Durham. Light Rail transforms neighborhoods and takes cars off the road way more than a faster train for travel out of state. Connecting downtown with the airport(plus the stops in between) by light rail would be so big for the city and should be the number one priority. Build that and watch how quickly everyone else falls in line for transit.

  4. This is kinda off topic. But I just heard Charter Square got it’s final permits today. If so that great news. Can’t say it a fact or not but I hope so.

  5. ^that would be great news. Now what’s the word on Ted Reynolds’ plan for the ‘old’ greyhound station, that’s what I wanna know

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