1. Don’t know enough about the various proposals…but I am all for more train travel of any kind to and through downtown Raleigh. Heavy, light, streetcar, north hills pod shuttles….bring it on!!

  2. Renovations can sometimes increase the life-span of a building tremendously. I have nothing to say regarding the pros and cons of renovating the former Dillon Supply building, but it sounds more cost effective than the Union Station proposal. As long as we put some heart and soul to this renovation, it could become a great success story. Let’s not make it yet-another boring renovation. I think DT Durham has a few successful renovation/preservation stories we can learn from.

  3. I thought they are building a new facility from the ground up? Here we go, anyother half A_S job. This needs to be a signature facility with offices a high rise, entertainment, hotel, restaurants, coffee shop, deli, etc

    This will be a hub for potentially the East Coast traveling through here. Are we going to embarrass our city with a pathetic warehouse?!!!!!! Tear down EVERY facility in the warehouse district and build a SIGNATURE Entertainment and transit HUB

  4. Amen Thomas..It would be best to tear down the warehouse and put a new rail Hub there plus a new high rise hotel,lord knows we need a few downtown. The city needs to create a state of the art Transit Hub and Much needed retail. But yet again,red tape seems to be wiping the *** of the officals again. “YARN”..Oh well…Raleigh’s Loss.

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