Crema At City Plaza Now Open

The final retail space in City Plaza has been filled. The very small space in the Bank of America building facing City Plaza is home to Crema. Crema’s main shop is located on the 100 block of Fayetteville Street so this small outpost is for more convenient coffee trips. Being located right next to the ice skating rink, it’s set up in a great location during this cold winter.

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  1. I’m glad to see that Crema is doing enough business that they can open a second location.
    Will the second one also have ice cream too?

  2. I love Crema. The owners are truly nice people and their staff has been really good to me every time I go there. I hope they do good business in their second location.

  3. While I’m happy that a local company is doing well, I’m surprised that anyone could say “the owners are truly nice people”. I used to hit up Crema every single morning, but one morning, I decided that I’d heard enough insults from one of the owners.

    Now I happily give my morning business to Port City Java, where they greet me with warmth.

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