Reporting Broken Lights On Streets and Sidewalks

Have you ever complained to yourself about a streetlight that was out or one that turns on and off, constantly cycling through the night? It is possible for you to report these problem lights so that the electric company can take care of them. Keep this information handy because sooner or later you will hear someone complain about a streetlight and will be prepared to calm the worries of frustrated citizens. Trust me guys, pull this one out during that conversation at the bar and you’ll get free drinks all night.

When you see a problem light, it helps to take down the light pole number, which looks similar to the one in the picture above. Here’s the key information:

Progress Energy – Request Streetlight Repair

Bookmark the link above or try to remember the shortened link of:

You can also report broken walk signs to the city. It takes a quick call to the Traffic Operation Signal Shop at 996-6020. Here is the link for more phone numbers for the Public Works Department and their different areas.

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  1. I did this a couple of years ago and was so impressed with how quickly Progress came out and fixed it. It was literally the next day.

  2. Also a helpful number to call to report if the copper grounding wire that runs up the pole is stolen.

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