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Concrete and scaffolding is starting to rise out of the ground at the Green Square project. Work has also begun on the section between McDowell and Dawson Streets.

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  1. I see a 10-20 story building in the rendering on the Green Square web site. Is that also under construction? If not, when will that start?

  2. Thomas, the structure you speak of is the 12-story NC State Employees Credit Union building. They are financing it themselves – and they do have the money – so it is not a pie in the sky. It will meet LEED certification, which means the floor height will be taller than the “conventional” buildings. Of course, it is not a high-rise, but it will make an impact. It will probably break ground once Green Square’s underground parking deck is done, most likely next Fall.

  3. Ernest, thanks for the update. Should be taller, but great addition to that area of downtown. What are they thinking with no sidewalk retail in the parking deck (this lack of vision story is getting old in downtown Raleigh).

    Economy still in the toilet, but:

    Any news on Charter Square?
    Any news on Radio Shack HQ or Fannie Mae relocation (city officials had code names for these two efforts)?
    It looks as if Radio Shack is using other cities for relocation to leverage tax credits or incentaitve money from Fort Worth to stay in that area.

  4. Thomas, I would not mind seeing something at least 2-3 times taller, but given this building will include speculative space I could not expect more. Height-wise it should be close to Quorum Center (thanks to the LEED standards), but the biggest issue was the state officials who do not like the idea of anything in the State Governement District towering way above the Capital Bldg. To me, it will be a relief, especially since I am working across from Green Square and from my window I will be watching the progress :)

    Updates: Charter Square will not break ground until at least one major office tenant is found. Radio Shack is not really a possibility, without implying it could not happen. Like you said they are doing shopping around so they can get the most out of Ft Worth. Usually, such looking around ends with the company getting more incentives and staying where they are. Haven’t heard anything about Fannie Mae.

  5. I think it’s great for the city. now, if we can only get the Clarence E. Lightner Center built. It will be nice o c both in progress, especially with the SECU building being built.

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