Small Downtown Construction Updates

I was planning to go out after work on Monday to get some pictures but the rain ruined my plans. Here is a short list of projects moving along around downtown.

  • The warehouse at the corner of Dawson and Cabarrus is being renovated. Last time I went by, I noticed the outdoor patio that used to be there has been taken down and some work is being done to the exterior of the building. Location.
  • Taz’s at 205 Wilmington Street seems to be expanding into the adjacent space. According to a clerk, they are opening a butcher shop. Location.
  • The sidewalk is starting to be paved outside the Court of Appeals building on Morgan Street. Maybe the renovation will finish soon? Location.
  • The space in 112 Fayetteville Street, where the Fayetteville St. Tavern used to be, is being renovated and it appears a new bar is being built inside. This only recently started so if a new restaurant is in the works I’m sure information will surface sometime soon. Location.

If you see any other activity while you are walking around, please, report in.

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    None right now. Must be a new project.


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  1. Have you driven down the 500 block of South Saunders street lately? Half the houses on the street are under extensive renovation, with most of the rest to be done, as well… Big changes to a small neighborhood near downtown. I have added the URL of the project (which is not my website)

  2. Most certainly a great time to focus on re-use and renovation of existing space, particularly in terms of replacing former venues (i.e. Fayetteville Street Tavern). Hopefully, in a few years, we will see the big projects making a return ;)

  3. The Warehouse was a great space. Hopefully something exciting gets added there, its a huge venue with tons of potential overlooking the shimmer wall and future amphitheater

  4. Isn’t the warehouse at Dawson and Cabarrus going to be the temporary police headquarters until the new place is built?

  5. Anyone know the status of Blount Street? A work stoppage on this project maybe a very good thing. The structures on this property should be more vertical with more commercial and retail (the developer did a poor job designing these blocks).

  6. ^^^^^^ I drive down past South Saunders daily and am very impressed with the progress. Its worth popping your head in some of the houses and taking a look.

  7. The neighborhood being restored on S. Saunders St. is called Rosengarten Park. A lot of progress can be seen there now. I believe it’s going to be very nice when it’s complete!

  8. Talked to Taz last week and this isn’t going to be the Taz Mahal butcher shop. This is an extension to the current store and he says he is going to be “serving fish and sandwiches in good portions-lots of good spicy food, family style”. Sad day to see the suit lady go, just another day on Wilmington Street.

  9. Thomas,

    Regarding the Blount Street Commons, the existing components are under way. That is, the cottage homes and the townhomes. The status of the rest is unknown, at best, although there are rumors that Phase 1 will continue, although slowly.

    Quite frankly, I am very disappointed with the current components. The front of the cottage homes face the backs of the townhomes, and the latter will face the backs of the rest of the homes that will be built along Person Str. The site plan is pathetic, at best, and a far cry from the original ideas. I surely hope this project gets stalled and re-designed, otherwise we will be looking at a very sad picture, for a loooong time :(

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